Lowrance HDS Chartplotters Geofence unlock codes

If you purchased  lowrance that is locked to USA and want to use it in another country

If you purchase a Lowrance chartplotter that is set to be used in the USA, in another country, then geofence will work. This is due to technology that limits functionality and prevents the device from being used in other regions of the world.

However, thanks to unlocking the geofence, you can freely use your Lowrance in any part of the world without any restrictions.

This can be useful for people:

  • Who were deceptively sold a chartplotter created for the US domestic market;
  • Those who decided to save money and purchase a Lowrance chartplotter at a low price.
  • Those who travel frequently outside the United States and want to use their device everywhere.

What we can

Disable geofencing
Enable language pack

If you see the sign «Unit not valid for use in this area. Contact local authorized reseller for support», unblocking the geofence fixes this problem.

Unlocking geofence on the chartplotter Lowrance HDS-Live, HDS-Pro, Carbon, Gen3, Gen2.

The team GEOROW is ready to help you with the licensed unlocking of the geofence on Lowrance devices. Our team offers a quick and affordable solution for those who want to access device functions that may be blocked due to regional restrictions. We provide a fast and efficient way to access the necessary functions without having to contact a service center.

The process of unlocking the geofence is quite simple, you need to send a “Request code” and within 24 hours we will process your order and you will receive an unlock code by  e-mail.

Lowrance Chartplotters GEOFENCE UNLOCK
Unlocking geofence on the chartplotter Lowrance HDS-Live
unit not valid for use in this area. contact local authorized reseller for support.

Once you enter the unlock code, your Lowrance will be fully unlocked and you can use it anywhere in the world. Unlocking the geofence will be done in a licensed and secure way and your device will remain unlocked even after the firmware update, so you don’t need to worry about it in the future.

We are always ready to help and answer all your questions. We value our customers and guarantee the high quality of our services.


Unlocking the Language Lowrance Chartplotter

To unlock the language pack, you should first unlock the geofence on the Lowrance chartplotter, and then unlock the language pack.

You can read more about the language packs here

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