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All about maps in Lowrance echo sounders

All about maps in Lowrance echo sounders

Most models of echo sounders with the function of chartplotters from Lowrance are supplied with a basic map of the world. That is, in chartplotter mode, there will be a picture on the screen where land is represented in yellow and water in blue, and a point with your coordinates.

For marine cartography, it is better to use maps from Navionics and C-MAP, which make the movement more visual.

Please note that in order to use American Lowrance echo sounders in other regions, geofence unlock Lowrance must be done.

What information do the cards give

S-MAP and Navionics provide information about guaranteed depths, sash signs, anchorages, places where flooding of the vessel is possible, the channels of flooded rivers, etc.

The map also displays three-dimensional isobaric images, images from space, panoramas, dynamic images. In addition, applications provide additional services, such as creating your own depth maps with logs that you can transfer to others.

How to choose a card

Please note that C-MAP and Navionics offer maps not of the whole country, but of a separate area: a reservoir, sea, ocean, etc. You can choose a map directly on the Lowrance website in the “MAP” section.

Making maps in real time

Lowrance devices support two applications for making depth maps in real time: SonarChart Live and Genesis Live.

SonarChart Live is supported by the following echo sounders: HDS Gen3, HDS Carbon, HDS Live, Elite Ti, Elite Ti2, Elite FS, Hook 2 (not all), Hook Reveal.

Main advantages:

• High speed map producing;

• Fast scaling;

• It is possible to edit navigation layers, delete erroneous areas, etc. via the phone. In addition, all data can be transferred to a smartphone.


• No custom palette settings;

• Works only in conjunction with Navionics;

• If the sensor is installed incorrectly, the map is distorted;

• There is no free convector layer in other formats.

Genesis Live is supported by the following echo sounders: HDS Gen3, HDS Carbon, HDS Live, Elite Ti, Elite Ti2, Elite FS, Hook Reveal.

Main advantages:

• Works in conjunction with C-MAP maps, as well as DAPDrift;

• There is a custom palette setting;

• It is possible to work in the background;

• There is a convector of GenesisLive Tool layers.


• The maximum speed at which map producing is possible is 36 km/h;

• Slow scaling, especially on weak Hook series devices.