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Series of Lowrance fish finder

Lowrance geofence unlock

Let’s take a look at the main series of Lowrance fish finder with an overview of the characteristics.


“Mark” and “Elite”

Both series have similar characteristics with one difference – the “Mark” series comes with a monochrome screen, which is why it costs less. They are most in demand in the “household” segment.

The control is push-button, the screen is small. The fish finder is mounted on a leg that is screwed to the boat with screws. There are almost no additional functions, everything you need for fishing is already embedded in the device.



A more advanced series, the functionality of which includes:

• Touch screen with good response;

• High image quality and resolution;

• Built-in GPS navigator;

• Pre-installed chartplotter with maps of Europe and Asia;

• Multiple scanning technologies: CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan and DownScan Imaging;

• * Wireless connection to a third-party gadget via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols.



(HDS-Live, HDS-Carbon, HDS-PRO, Hds-Gen3, HDS-Gen2)

The most expensive and advanced models of fish finder from Lowrance. Includes advanced scanning technologies like StructurScan HD, BroadBand Sounder, DownScan Overplay and TrackBack. However, in order to somehow use the fish finder from the USA in any other region, you will need to do the geofence unlock Lowrance – removing geofence.

A large selection of display diagonals, up to 12 inches. Both embedded maps and Navionics are supported. It is also possible to overlay the image from the scanner on the map in real time in a three-dimensional projection.

All models are equipped with an excellent display made using SolarMax Plus technology, which provides good picture resolution and viewing angles.

There are two ports for Ethernet, SD slots for memory cards, a connector for connecting a video camera.

They are usually used in conjunction with large yachts and boats. The HDS series is not suitable for everyone, because many of its functions are simply not needed, but professional fishermen will like it for the following reasons:

• It is possible to view the history of scans and fix “fish” places on the track;

• To make your own maps of reservoirs and view them in three-dimensional visualization;

• To overlay maps of reservoirs;

• To add weather information and radar.

In addition, the devices are equipped with satellite radio, audio server and meteorological sensors. There is also an AIS system for collision avoidance.

And if you hold a Lowrance geofence unlock, then you can buy an inexpensive fish finder in the USA and use it around the world.